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  • 【Heat Retention】Made with top quality Mylar developed by NASA space technology to provide heat retention and thermal insulation in survival situations.Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of body heat,it can also absorb the heat from outside air and reflect to user's body,help block rain, and moisture to keep you warm and dry in damp, wet, cold, rainy and even desert, floods, tsunami, hurricane environments.This is an essential component of any wild survival or camping kit.
  • 【First Aid】theFIU. Emergency double-sided sleeping bag can reflect light under any light source,color of one side is bright orange, another side is silver,bright colors, strong reflection, easier for rescue personnel to find, it will increase user's recuse chance. Please store it in a car, camper, boat or equipment bag for emergency use.
  • 【Easy To Carry】Size of each emergency sleepbag is 210cm X90cm (83''X35.5'')with 12-micron thickness, 110g/pack, When folded, it is about 14X9X1cm, ultra-thin and lightweight, individually packaged in a sealed bag with a buckle ,can be stored almost anywhere, or just hang on your backpack .It can give you more insurance without adding weight and space.
  • 【Mterial】: Made from military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar with a tear and puncture resistant coating ,super Tough & Dependable,reusable, waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof,insect-proof, so it stands up to extreme conditions.
  • 【Multi-purpose】: Can be used as ground cover, picnic blanket,sun shade, simple tent,bug out bag,or as ultra-light blankets,it's an essential pack item for climbers,runners, cyclists, swimmers, skiers and walkers,great for camping, hiking, marathon, boating, fishing, exploration, and other outdoor exercise.It's also essential good for home/auto emergency kits.



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